A new life

Last month I was still struggling my future path and career. And it was all by God's grace, I got a job in Oklahoma panhandle area! 

The transition was hectic, especially when you need to packed-up the stuffs that has been piling up for five years. Saying bye-bye was difficult too, when you needed to separate from who you love, from the place you used to live, from the community that you were so familiar. 

Please keep me in your prayers. I will start another new chapter of my life in the next year!

Unlimited possibility

Two days ago, I had a photo session for the dealer of Hands of Hope. Having told that these beautiful purses and wallets were made by the hands of differently abled people, I was totally shocked. These products exemplify some of the most highest levels of craftsmanship. When you put the wallets and purse on your hands, you feel the craftsmen's sincerity, and their pursuit of beauty through these products.

Such a pleasure and blessing to capture these beautiful artwork!

Road Trip with Family

My family came all the way from Hong Kong to the States and witnessed my graduation in May!

And thanks God we had such a precious time, after two years of separation, we took on a road trip from Kansas to Colorado! (I believe we have not traveled as a family together for over ten years...)

Here are some highlights from our trip!

The brand new website

Hello everyone, welcome to my new website! After I graduated from the University of Kansas, it took me a while to think about my life, to plan, anticipate, and dream for my future. I went through a period of frustration and self-doubting uncertainty. However, I know my life is all in God's hand, and I am willing to submit myself in order to honor our Lord. All these ups and downs encourage me to initiate this website, and start my career as a photographer and a piano teacher.

If you are in need of a piano or music theory teacher, or if you need someone to take pictures and capture some of your most precious moments, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am currently residing in Wilmore, Kentucky, but I am willing to travel to other cities and states.

May peace be with you.